Thursday, 13 May 2010

National Botanic Garden of Wales (5) - indoor art

The great glasshouse is full of beautiful plants, but scattered amongst the plants are pieces of art, which are typical of the continents the plants come from. This little arrangement reminded me of Arizona and Mexico.

A close up of the 'seed pod'.

In the Australia area, there are painted stones, reminiscent of Aboriginal art, but not so detailed - a beautiful lizard -

- a kangaroo -

- a turtle -

and others which you will have to visit the garden to see for yourself!

As well as the art in the great glasshouse, there is a gallery in the cafe and shop area, which has several interesting exhibitions each year, and glass corridor between the gallery and shop which houses some more permanent pieces, including several hanging stained glass panels with a botanical theme.

These large vessels, made from a mosaic of crockery pieces, is quite spectacular.

The current exhibition, running until 25th May, is absolutely unique and the pieces on display are stunning. Each piece is created by a jeweller, who incorporates botanical elements and metal in the pieces. I would have been happy to have taken any of the items on display home with me!

A 'ring' made from a skeleton seed pod.

Fabulous 'trees', made from lichen, mounted onto textured silver 'hills'. Beautiful.

This neckpiece is made from nylon line, and has seaweed 'pods' attached to it. Amazing!

I love the tree topped hill pictures, and the matching sculptures on display below.

A closer look at the 'trees' and rocks.

These rings were all made with cubes of lichen. Click on the photo for a better look.

Each of these brooches is made from glass mounted onto a disc of wood in a silver bezel, and a tree image. They are beautiful, but sadly (for me, not for the artist!) they had all been sold.

This final piece is about 2 feet wide by 3 feet tall, and is a beautiful pattern in a frame. Closer inspection reveals that the pattern is made from wild flower seeds...

The gallery at the garden has some pretty amazing exhibitions, I have seen art made from printed aluminium drinks cans, and also elaborately decorated and designed 'clothes' made from layers of paint and paper. I must go back in June to see what's on next!

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