Thursday, 10 June 2010

100 things I love: 1-20

Inspired by Curious Lisa (whose blog I love!), I thought I'd list my favourite 100 things. I'll do 20 at a time, so as not to overwhelm you! In no particular order, and mostly focused on my garden on this occasion:

1. dewdrops
2. broad beans eaten in the garden, straight outof the pod
3. the smell of tomato plants
4. the sound of bubbling water
5. frogs

6. the scent of lilies
7. the scent of old fashioned roses
8. jasmine
9. relaxing in the sun with a glass of rose
10. hanging baskets

11. birdsong
12. hostas
13. breezes
14. the sound of wind chimes
15. summer rain

16. the sound of pebbles crunching as I walk the path
17. ferns
18. Acer palmatum
19. apples fresh from the tree
20. clematis flowers

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