Monday, 10 May 2010

National Botanic Garden of Wales (2) Glasshouse plants

There are many unusual and beautiful plants in the glasshouse, this is the furriest and fuzziest plant I've ever come across!

This is from the Africa zone, a 'red hot poker'.

No idea what this is, but it is pretty.

This reminds me of the pink and white 'kaffir lilies' I have in my garden, but what a gorgeous shade of apricot!

Grasses are interspersed with the flowers.

These flower buds were about 2 cm long, none were open, so I am not sure if this is as good as it gets, or if I should try to go back next week to see what they look like!

This fabulous silver succulent caught my eye in the America Zone.

Not far away were these Californian Poppies, the colour is set off by their grey green foliage and the grey gravel.

Also in the America Zone was this beautiful Aquiliega, or 'granny's bonnet'. These are familiar flowers in my garden, in a range of sizes and colours, I didn't realise they were an American native.

Kangaroo Paws in the Australasia Zone. I love these tall strong plants, the long hairy flower buds open into starry flowers, often a completely different colour on the inside to the outside. I've seen them in red, green and yellow, I wonder if they come in other colours too?

I think this was in the Australasia Zone, but it was where the Africa Zone and America Zone border the Australasia Zone, so I'm not absolutely sure it's Australian, but I love the way it looks!

This Bottlebrush is definitely Australian, the flower is stunning but I also love the seedhead.

This is one of life's mysteries - I've seen many flowers which people claim are black, but they are usually deep red or purple - this was really black, with some yellow parts. Quite stunning.

This is a pretty climber with small flowers.

These three beauties were in the Mediterranean Zone.

This is the prettiest carnivorous plant I have ever seen.

Finally, the Africa Zone has some splendid Proteas, and some other flowers that look quite similar. Maybe they are part of the same family.

I hope you enjoyed that quick trip around the Glasshouse, next blog entry will be about the water features of the garden.

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dianne said...

Some really beautiful plants and flowers here Adrienne, I love the apricot and orange coloured flowers and that black flowering plant is very unusual.
I have some yellow and orange coloured kangaroo paws but they are not in flower at the present time.
The pretty pinkish flower that you could not idenitfy looks like a 'grevillea' which is an Australian native plant.
Happy Belated Birthday! xo ♡