Wednesday, 12 May 2010

National Botanic Garden of Wales (4) outdoor art

In a pool alongside the main path, sits a water lily. No ordinary water lily, but one sculpted in metal, about a metre in diameter.

In the walled garden, a series of pieces, some more solid than others! This is a beautifully airy piece - an arrangement of white wood stems with white feathers tied to the top.

Nearby is a similar arrangement of natural coloured stems tied against a wall, with more feathers , ready to support a growing plant.

This ball of spheres within spheres creates interesting shadows, and invites the viewer to try rolling it!

Entwined bodies carved in stone - displayed on a pile of building blocks. It is beautiful enough to deserve a proper plinth!

Pram wheels held together with sculpted hands.

There is more art in the garden - both in the great glasshouse and in the gallery - and I will post about that tomorrow.


g_park said...


How strange, I just stumbled upon this, I made the sculpture of hands between bicycle wheels. I'm glad you liked it, its called "Inertia". You can see more at

g_park said...


I just stumbled upon your blog, I made the sculpture of hands between bicycle wheels. Isn't the internet a small place! I'm glad you liked it, you can see more of my work at