Thursday, 5 November 2009

Patagonia, Arizona

Patagonia is a pretty little town, with museums, galleries and gift shops -

as well as all the usual facilities you'd expect in what was once a cowboy town:

which made me wonder once again why hairdressers all around the world give their salons names with double meanings or which are puns. I think I might make a photographic collection of hairdresser name signs form around the world, and another of British Fish and Chip shops (who also seem keen on puns!)

The town is not far from the Mexican border, and we saw lots of Mexican influence, indoors and out, including this beautiful painted cupboard, being used to display shop stock:

and other pieces, used to liven up the displays of goods for sale:

This was a museum sign - sadly the museum was closed as we went on a Wednesday on October, out of the main tourist season. As a UK resident, I had heard of the Day of the Dead, and seen images, and thought it was all a bit gory. Now that I understand that the purpose is to cherish, remember, celebrate and provide for ancestors, I can see why there is so much emphasis on the whole concept.

The town also has what looks like a thriving community arts centre.

The arts centre really made their buildings stand out, with lots of mosaics on the walls:

and a mural:

There were interesting decorative touches in other parts of the town - here's some detail from the doors of one of the local food stores:

And, the Velvet Elvis looked pretty neat, inside and out, and the food was very very good!

You'd never walk into the wrong toilet there:

Of course, some parts of the town are on better condition than others, and this must be the oldest vehicle I have seen anywhere in the US:

This one was much newer, and was still being used. I love the rust finish you can achieve on metal in the dry heat of Arizona - here in the damp UK, once metal starts to rust it doesn't stop until the metal is all eaten away...

The final picture is a little quirky, and made me smile - wonder what kind of bird laid this egg???

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