Saturday, 12 December 2009

Caerphilly and Dr Who

There is a medieval fair in Caerphilly this weekend, there are stalls selling food and gifts all along the main street, a small funfair, and all manner of medieval sights within the castle. There are also some incongruous sights, like this Santa having a chat with some passers by. Where's his sleigh and reindeer?

A jester in the castle....

Two country folk suffering from the plague singing slightly bawdy songs - great fun!

Great costumes...

The coin striker raising funds for the medieval Newport ship by letting people strike copies of a medieval coin for a small fee.

A beautifully painted medieval style chair:

Old friends meeting up for a chat:

There are female re-encators too...

And a sight of Dr Who's tardis, which has landed on one of the castle towers:

All in all we enjoyed our trip to Caerphilly, but even though we searched in every nook and crany of the castle, we couldn't find Dr Who anywhere. It was very atmoshpheric on places, though:

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Latharia said...

Thanks for sharing your photos! :)