Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Tubac, Arizona

Tubac is a very arty little town in southern Arizona. There are many galleries and gift shops, with a smattering of eating and drinking places, and a health food store and a couple of places to pamper yourself. There's also a collection of rusted metal sculptures, used as decorative elements throughout the shopping complex. I took way too many photographs to share, but here are a selection that begin to give you a feel for the place.

There were several tiled murals, I saw these in other places too, so they must be a southern Arizona/Mexican speciality:

The tiled theme had been extended to the street signs, each of which was unique:

There was a lovely old looking bell in the garden wall of the bar, which served great margaritas!

Many of the pillars supporting the verandah roofs were carved:

There were so many beautiful objects and paintings displayed in the galleries, and sometimes outside. These ceramic pieces have gorgeous patterning, created by adding horsehair, which burns off quickly during the firing process.

The surrounding countryside adds to the beauty of the place:

There are quiet cool corners:

and interesting architectural features:

and a variety of lovely light fittings:

some lovely plants:

including this wonderful display of cactus plants:

which turned out to be made from metal!

Privacy must be an issue, with so many visitors, but what a pretty way of ensuring it!

The sun was a common theme for the wall decorations, hardly surprising really, it was in the 90s in mid October, goodness knows how hot this place must get in summer.

There were lovely and unusual sculptures around every corner:

and on the walls:

It was a lovely place to spend an afternoon - which was only enough time to see about a third of the town. I could have spent many fortunes there, it was a probably good job I knew I had no room in my suitcases!


Zeborah Loray said...

Wow! You got some great photos.
I still have to update my blog.

We got a lead on a couple of good restaurants in Tubac from Jessica and Vesta.:)

Bisbee was a very interesting old mining town. Much older buildings than Tombstone.

Carol said...

Love your photos. You saw lots more than I did. Must be your artistic eyes.