Sunday, 15 March 2009

Pentre Ifan burial chamber, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Pentre Ifan - which translates as 'Ivan's village' is an ancient burial chamber. It was built somewhere around 6000 years ago. All that remains now are the large stones, but once there was an earth mound covering the whole thing.

These stones are large - you can walk under the cap stone without any difficulty. It's been estimated that the capstone weighs somewhere between 16 and 40 tons. It makes you wonder how the people who built this moved the stones here? And why?

What were the ceremonies to do with burial that were so important to them that they took the immense effort and time to buid this, and other, burial chambers for their dead?

The site of this burial chamber is fabulous. It overlooks the coast near Fishguard, Pemmbrokeshire, and there are other burial chambers nearby, as well as a reconstructed Iron Age viillage, Castell Henllys.

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Joie Moring said...

Hello Adrienne...I had the pleasure of traveling to England and Scotland in 2003 and made the trek to Salisbury and Stonehenge...which was amazing. Ya know tho', I'm totally loving the levitating effects of these burial stones...and from every angle that you've captured. What a mystery these huge installments are and beautiful to behold. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and btw - my mother's father's family hails from Wales. I hope to make it part of another trip one day.