Friday, 29 May 2009

Hay on Wye

It's been a LONG time since I posted to this blog. I've been really busy at work and at home, and this is one of the things I haven't found time for. I had a day off work to chill out today, and was thinking of going to Hay on Wye, one of my favourite places to go and browse and generally switch the world off. Hay on Wye has thankfully not attracted a single national chain store, and the residents like the charm and character of their homes and most have not succumbed to the dreaded UPVC window or door.

Luckily, I remembered that the Hay Festival is happening at the moment, and Hay gets very busy, full of celebrities and crowds. Not ideal for switching off. So, I worked in the garden instead. But I thought I'd post some pictures I took in Hay last year, of characterful front doors!

First, the town's clock tower:

And then a selection of doors:

This one is particularly characterful! The dorr is straight, but the frame and house around it are not!

And finally, the crest on the front of some alms houses:

Hay is a very pretty Georgian/Victorian town, and long may it stay that way!

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Kerstin said...

Hi Adrienne! It is nice to discover your blog here. I love Hay on Wye! Whenever my mother used to visit me in the UK we would go there as she is a total book worm, so this was paradise for her. It's such a charming little town. And close to another favorite place of mine, Llanthony Abbey. So peaceful. It was great meeting you, I hope you had a good trip back home! Take care, Kerstin