Sunday, 1 March 2009

Between Brecon & Sennybridge, Wales, UK

On New Year's day, we had a rare event in south west Powys - we had a severe air frost. It had been dry, and although the ground wasn't all frosted, the winter trees and bushes looked stunning We went for a walk and took some photos, which I have finally gotten around to sharing. This picture of a very white world was taken near Llanspyddid, about 2 miles from home:

and here's a close up of some Rosebay willowherb:

and some cow parsley:

and some ferns:

We drove a mile or two further to Cwm Camlais and found some lovely frosted conifers:

and an extremely friendly robin:

and quite a friendly horse:

We found some beautiful iced spiders webs:

and icy branches in the hedges:

and the frost even made the wire fencing look pretty!

but this is my favourite scene of the day:

with this close up looking almost as good:


Carol said...

Gorgeous photos, what beautiful countryside you live in. Especially love the cow parsley photo, very "arty".

Pattie said...

Beautiful photography,especially like the landscapes would love to paint those scenes with the misty frosty look,havent been to Wales since being there with my mother in the war years,but remember riding on the back of a horse and cart lol,was about 4yrs old at the time !