Friday, 4 April 2008

Rug Chapel, north Wales

Rug Chapel is a private chapel, which has survived
with it's interior decoration fairly intact,
and it made me realise that the past was
not ALL in black and white...


Well, who could tell from this plain exterior, the treasures within?

Below is an example of one of the panels where the wall and ceiling meet.

Above and below are pictures of where the wall panels
collide with the beautifully decorated ceiling

Death was talked about more frankly in times gone by,
and I LOVE this depiction of a skeleton.
Click on the image to see a larger version
and be able to read the text.
Ahem, the first 4 words are in latin, the rest is in Welsh...

Here is some of the detail of the painting on the roof trusses.
The whole chapel is just a little treasure.

If you visit north Wales, plan
a short stop on your route and go visit!

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Dorothy said...

This looks a grend place Adrienne. I wish I could travel more and go to see them. I do when I can but I am not very mobile.