Saturday, 26 April 2008

Random Edinburgh elements

Here are just a few random images
taken in various places in Edinburgh.

We visited a cemetary near the Modern Art museum.
I have never been to a cemetary with
such elaborate memorials,
I can only assume that the Victorians
who were buried here were very rich indeed.

The 'roof' element of one memorial.

A rather gothic memorial against the cemetary wall.

Another one against the wall,
the richest people and most elaborate memorials
seem to be placed around the walls,
with (mostly) lesser folk in the centre.

Just look at the detailed carving on this one.

And this, the angels are exquisite.

There was so much splendid carving
in the cemetary, I could have stayed
admiring the work of the stonemasons
for much longer,
but my husband can only
spend so much time in a cemetary
before wanting to return
to the land of the living,
so we moved on....

This is one of 2 urns decorating the sides
of the top of staircase up to the Modern Art Museum.

A plaque on the wall of a beautiful and
secluded public garden just off the Royal Mile.

A wall mounted lamp standard - there is so much
decoration on the buildings of this city,
the residents of times gone by
really went to town when they built it!

A proud Scotsman.

Even some of the street signs are pretty!

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