Friday, 15 February 2008

Skenfrith, Wales

Skenfrith is a beautiful small village between Abergavenny & Monmouth. In addition to a ruined castle and wonderful church, there are some interesting old houses, and 'The Bell at Skenfrith' - a fabulous pub restaurant in which to eat superb food!

Here are some pictures of parts the castle:

I have no idea what this feature once was!

The remains of an old fireplace.

A window, with some of the original
13th century ironwork still in place.

The watergate, in the plain high walls,
leading to the nearby river
(viewed from the river side).

Inside the tower - you can clearly see the square holes in the walls, where big wooden beams once rested, supporting the wooden floor of a room.

The tower itself.
Not much of the castle remains,
other than the tower and the external walls.

Below are some pictures of old gravestones in Skenfrith churchyard - they may have fallen over as the years have passed, and now they are positioned against the churchyard wall:

This is an interesting window,
in a wooden 'lean to' extension or garage
on the side of one of the houses

A beautiful original door in one of the village's old houses

One of the church windows

The beautiful church tower.

If you want to know more about Skenfrith castle, look here:

and more about the Bell at Skenfrith:

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Anonymous said...

Adrienne, Thanks for the great photos. We traveled Wales and loved it. This year go to the Orkney Islands. Love your emails on After Midnigaht. Ann