Thursday, 21 February 2008

Montgomery Castle/Castell Trefaldwyn

Montgomery castle was built in the 1200s, was pretty much a ruin in the 1300s, and was refurbished in the 1500s. A grand house was built on the site in the early 1600s, and it was siezed after a big battle in the civil war in the 1600s, and then ordered demolished in 1649.

The ruins were excavated in the 1960s, and what you see today is what remains of the castle:

The 'grand entrance', with the remains of the two towers
that would have dominated and protected the entrance.

A panoramic view of the main castle remains

The castle remains from the ditch below

A misty winter view of Montgomery town from the castle

There is an aerial view of the castle and surrounding area here:


Carol said...

I love all your photos and am giving your blog the E for Excellent Award. Check out my blog for the details.

Latharia said...

Oh, just lovely! And you deserve that award! :D