Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Cricieth Castle

The castle from afar - don't forget you can click on photos to enlarge them and have a closer look! Once upon a time, this castle would have been rendered with lime mortar and limewashed white, so it would have been a visible from a long way away. This castle was built in 1230, and was obviously difficult for enemies to approach without being seen.

The view of the front entrance to the castle, from the outside.

The view of the front entrance to the castle, from the inside. Much of this castle is ruined.

You can see the holes in the wall where the ends of huge wooden beams
once were, supporting a floor.

Wonder where the stairway originally went?

Looking from the castle at Cricieth town - notice the differences between the roofs - the original roofs are in local slate, the refurbished darker ones are not. Sad that it is cheaper and easier to import slate form China and other far away places than to bring it 20 miles from the local slate mines.

The view of Snowdonia from the castle

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MargaretR said...

You will be interested in this! Hywel y Bwyellwr was an ancestor of mine (smile). He was given Criccieth Castle for his services to the crown I believe? He was not a traitor because he was very kind to the all the 'very poor' Welsh in the area.