Thursday, 1 November 2007

Chepstow Castle

Chepstow Castle is the oldest castle in Wales.
It started relatively small, then over the centuries it grew,
and grew, and now covers a large area.

It is a clifftop castle, with the river Wye far below.

Supplies for the castle used to come up the river by boat,
and were then winched up the cliff face
and into the storage areas near the castle kitchens.

If you want to know more about the history of
Chepstow Castle, please see the wikipedia entry:

The castle sitting on top of the cliff

These doors were the main doors at the front of the castle until a few years ago.
They have been replaced with doors made to the same design,
and the original doors have been tested
and found to be the oldest castle doors in Europe, at around 1000 years old.

A wall of windows - some with glass, some without, and some bricked up.
The visitor exhibition is ion the rooms where the windows have glass in them

Inside the great hall.
What a magnificent place it must have been in its heydey.

I like windows. Even windows which have no glass!

The great tower. It is huge in real life, and towers over the river below.

A view of England across the river Wye, from the castle walls.

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Tamisha said...

Oh, Adrienne, how I envy the history you have virtually at your fingertips. America is so young and lacks that depth of time. As an ancient history teacher, I long to visit such places. I went to Greece a year ago and was humbled by the aeons of time which separated me from those in whose footsteps I trod. Thank you so much for these awesome pictures. Would you mind if I "borrowed" some for my instructional Powerpoints in the classroom? Sometimes it is really difficult to get kids to understand what life was like "back in the day" and your images do it beautifully.