Thursday, 22 November 2007

Cardiff, Wales

The Cardiff Menagerie.....

Each bird & animal is carved from stone,
and perches on the walls of the castle grounds.

Hundreds of people walk past them each and every day,
and don't seem to notice them.

I find them fascinating.

I don't know how many there are,
but you have seen a selection - probably fewer than half.

The main entrance to Cardiff Castle.
There are Roman walls below street level,
but most of the castle as it stands was built relatively recently,
within the last 200 years.

The red dragon (draig goch) is the national symbol of Wales.

The decorative clock tower of the castle.
The castle was a collaboration between Lord Bute,
who paid for it, and William Burgess, who designed it.

It is highly decorated, inside and out,
and well worth the entry fees.
The use of ornamentation within the castle is fantastic!

See here for more information, and pictures:

A 'wall of water' sculpture outside the
Wales Millenium Arts Centre in Cardiff Bay

The Millenium Arts Centre, in Cardiff Bay.
The building uses slate, wood, copper, and other materials traditionally used in Wales in its construction, and is designed to reflect the nation.
I think people either love it or hate it.
I love it.

A closer view of the 'wall of words'

The atrium in the Millenium Arts Centre - a free concert was happening here during my visit

The booking & ticket sales hall of the Millenium Arts Centre

This is the Senedd building in Cardiff Bay, where Welsh Ministers & Assembly Members debate issues relating to Wales. The building design reflects the idea of 'transparency' - and the commitment to transparent government in Wales. The building is also a good example of sustainable building design.

This is the top of the 'funnel' inside the building.
The 'funnel' lets light into the debating chamber, which is below street level.

This is how the 'funnel' looks in the main atrium area of the building. The building uses a lot of steel, slate, glass and wood. My son, who works as a stonemason, worked on some of the stone and/or slate used in the construction of the building, while it was being built.

The Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay - this used
to be the communication centre for the port.
It is a true Victorian confection of a building,
with lots of interesting details.

One of many panels set into the walls of the Pierhead building.

A mosaic panel in the riverside walk area near the Millenium Stadium,
in the centre of Cardiff

An interesting building in Cardiff Bay area.


Carol said...

Beautiful. Your photos are very artistic. Love them.

chrissy said...

I think I see Barbara Hahn in one of the pictures in the atrium!!!