Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Raglan Castle, Wales

Wales is said to have more castles per square mile
than any nation on Earth.

Here are some pictures of the newest castle in Wales -
Raglan Castle, built in the 15th century.

If you want to know more about Raglan Castle,
there are plenty of websites, here is one:


The pictures on this blog are my personal view of Raglan,
and you will soon realise that I like windows!!!!

The castle from afar

You can see the French influence on the
stonework at the top of the tower -
Welsh castles aren't generally that fancy!

The main gateway

Castles were for living in, as well as for defending.
This was once a very grand window,
looking out over the courtyard.

A view of the bridge over the moat,
joining the Great Tower and the Fountain Court

A small window, easy to look out of but difficult
for attackers to get a good shot at you.
A similar window is shown below

The toilet - complete with original stone seat.
It is known as a garderobe, the picture below
shows the doorway - presumably there was a door there once!

An interior view from the Fountain Court

Looking out through a window

A doorway, up some stairs, through another doorway, to....

What remains of the carving on a fireplace on an upper floor.
The floor has gone, and so have the walls above the fireplace

Another window, another view

More beautiful Welsh countryside through another window

Looking down inside the Great Tower

View from the Great Tower, looking to the west


Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Adrienne, what a pleasure to view all these pictures,thank you so much for sharing all that you have!!

Beth said...

Adrienne, you've captured some great views of Raglan Castle. It's a beautiful stucture! My maiden name is Raglin (Ragland), and Raglan Castle is supposedly part of my family's history. It's been written about is some family history books, although I've not seen proof myself; it's still awesome to think it may be possible, though! You took some beautiful pictures! Thank you for posting them!