Sunday, 28 October 2007

Old World Wisconsin

I recently visited Old World Wisconsin, which is a fabulous 'living museum' . Many buildings have been moved from various parts of Wisconsin and rebuilt in the museum's extensive grounds. Many of the buildings have 'guides' dressed in period costume, explaining to visitors how the building came to be built and who lived in it, and how. The guides are all volunteers, and they do a fantastic job!

The entrance building, from the car park.

Signposts to the various areas - mostly Scandanavian & Mid/Eastern European settlers came to live in Wisconsin - and they would have felt right at home, as the countryside & climate are very similar to the countries they left behind.

Preserving eggs...

The cobbler's - and Mr Goodyear obviously made rubber boots before he branched out into tyres!

The cobbler's bed

A fantastic range/stove

Some really interesting seed pods - we don't have these in the UK and I'd be interested to know what they are.

Neat scarecrow!

Decorative arts in the Victorian drawing room...

Egyptian keyhole door architrave design

A corn (maize) store, roof overhangs so that when it rains the corn doesn't get wet.

An old threshing machine being demonstrated.

Wild turkeys!!!

Chipmunk scavenging the extra chicken food

One of the old homes - Norwegian, I think

Interior objects

A headless chicken! And you thought they were objects of myth & legend???

Cotswold sheep - a very rare breed in the US, slightly less rare in the UK

Old farm tool being demonstrated by volunteer

The barn, where there is a restaurant on the lower level, serving good food at reasonable prices

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