Saturday, 7 February 2009

St Stephens Basilica chapel, Budapest

St Stephens Basilica has quite a substantial chapel, less gilded and ornate than the main interior. The chapel is where the mummified Hand of St Stephen is displayed. It lives in a highly ornate golden model of the Matthias Church. This hand has travelled the world before finally coming back to its permanent resting place in Budapest.

This strange object (sorry about the blurry photo) was covered in beautifully tooled leather.
I think it is a font.

The chapel, although not gilded and marbled like the main interior of the basilica, has 6 gorgeous brightly coloured stained glass windows, each illustrating a saint or other important person.

St Stephen, (or Istvan, whose original name was Vajk), was a strong king, who helped organise a feudal state out of the tribal territories which existed in what is now Hungary, died in 1038.

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