Thursday, 23 October 2008

Bretons & Hydrangeas

Well, I was always led to believe that Hydrangeas come in pink or blue, and that the colour is determined by the acidity of the soil they grow in.

And then I went to Brittany.... I saw all sorts of different hydrangeas. There were beautiful and unusual colours, lace caps and blowsy round heads of flowers, cone shaped heads of flowers, small flowers, large flowers, and all were beautiful. Here are a selection to admire.

The colours of this one weren't captured by the camera - there were deep greens and reds blending together in this flower.

This was absolutely massive. The leaves were the normal size. Compare the flower head to some of the others, using the leaves as a 'size guide'.

This was such a delicate shade of mauve, fading to blue.

The individual flowers making up the flower head were mostly much smaller and more blue than any others I have seen. And then there was the paler larger flower, right in the middle!

This colour was stunning, deeper blues and greens in real life than the photo shows.

This was more of a cone shape than a sphere, and the bush was much taller and less rounded. Lovely creamy flowers with pink blushes.

This was intense purple with deep pink highlights.

Beautiful ivory cream colour.

From a distance, these looked deep reddish purple. When you got close each flower was deep red bending through to deep greeny blue. And the camera shows them as red!

You can see how the flowers combine red and green on this one.

And blue, purple and green on this one - again the image is lighter than the real thing.

I have never seen so many beautiful Hydrangeas. They have never caught my attention or imagination before this holiday, but the range of shapes and sizes and depth of colour have made me interested in finding out more about Hydrangeas, and trying to acquire a stunning one for my own garden.

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